5 Tips to Hack Work-Life Balance

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Despite having more control over their schedules, remote workers are struggling to balance their professional and personal lives. This article actually pointed out that people are extending for around 49 minutes beyond their working hours compared to the pre-pandemic period. This cycle can quickly lead to burnout and stress — so you need to get out of it.

Work-life balance isn’t easy to attain, but it is definitely possible. Through these life hacks, you can regain your freedom and control over your career and your personal life!

Don’t worry, you won’t waste lots of money and wait for a long time to experience this kind of commute. Doing a fake commute is important even for remote workers because studies have proven that commutes act as a psychological transition from your home to your work life.

You can signal your brain that it’s time to work or relax by walking around your neighbourhood before you log in and after you log out. And hey, walking from your bed to your workspace can count as a commute, too!

Nope, you really shouldn’t be working from your bed…or even your couch. A proper workspace serves as a physical barrier between your personal space and your professional space especially since lines can get easily blurred at home.

There are also practical health reasons for establishing a room or corner of the house just for work. You can observe proper posture better in an office chair than if you were to stay slumped in bed or on the couch all day. You can also invest in good ergonomic furniture that can reduce your risk of various bodily pains. Aside from a chair and a desk, this guide shows that there are various ergonomic accessories worth looking into, from keyboards to monitor stands. Ergonomic furniture and accessories can also help prevent repetitive stress injuries that can develop over time from strains and bad posture. Moreover, having ergonomic furniture and a designated workspace can help you become more comfortable and productive throughout the day.

It may seem counterintuitive, but you should definitely take breaks so that you can become a better employee. You’ll feel more exhausted and drained if you stare at the computer screen for several straight hours. On the other hand, you’ll be able to return to your tasks with more energy and vigour after taking a break.

It is very important for remote workers to stay away from their computers and to enjoy their lunch break without any distractions. You can also take short breaks within the workday for a quick stretch or walk. No one would judge you if you also use this as an excuse to eat that delicious snack inside your fridge.

You can definitely achieve balance by making sure that your entire schedule doesn’t revolve around work. If your entire day is centred around work, then you will allow yourself to work longer hours and to respond to e-mails and calls even after you log off.

You can achieve better work-life balance by making time for the hobbies and the activities that you enjoy. You can do this before and after your fake commute, or you can even squeeze it in during your break!

Many employees think that they have to always be on work mode by monitoring and replying to e-mails and calls beyond work hours. However, research has shown that your well-being, work-life balance, and job performance will be compromised if you subscribe to an “always on” culture. This will cause anticipatory stress and will prevent you from detaching yourself from work.

So go ahead, turn the notifications off after you’ve done your work today. Enjoy the silence of your phone, simulate the fake commute, and relax after a hard day’s work.

You can achieve better work-life balance by setting up boundaries between your work and home life through your commute, your workspace, your schedule, and even your availability!

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