Hi Derek, thank you for taking the time to comment. I do apologise, this article was written several months before the release of the 5AM Club book and so naturally, there will be things missing.

That said, I have always advocated developing your own methods around a great idea such as the 5AM Club. For me, exercise in the morning causes me to vomit and experience dizzy spells. That is not a great way to go into the second part of the 5AM Club of planning. Hence the reason why I dropped that part of the principle.

However, I do exercise every day for at least an hour in the early afternoon and I can assure you I sweat plenty.

I suppose we should remember that all people are different and we all have different biorhythms and that’s what makes this world an awesome place. My personal condition prevents me from intense exercise in the mornings (something that I have experienced since I was a teenager) but that should not be a reason to preclude anyone from being a part of such an amazing “club”.

I help people learn to manage their lives and their time so they can experience joy and build a life they are truly proud of. www.carlpullein.com

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