Improving Business Productivity With Online Training Programmes For Employees.

This is a guest post by The wonderful, Luke Smith. Thank you, Luke, for writing this for me.

Cultivating the growth of your employees is an ongoing challenge. On one hand, they’re human beings, not robots. You need to treat them with respect and understand that they have a full life outside of work. On the other hand, you have business goals to achieve, and your employees are instrumental in making that happen. Finding the balance between grace and expectation can be difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just use a “carrot” or a “stick” to incentivise them into loving their work. You can encourage employees to be more productive without manipulating them, and one of the best ways is with ongoing education through online training.

For some companies, training requires plenty of travel. Travel is always expensive and time-consuming, and in this COVID-19 era, it’s become even more difficult. Fortunately, online training doesn’t require anyone to be on-site.

No travel means that the online training classes can fit around other work, which helps boost productivity right away. No more lost time driving to airports, waiting for layovers, and more. Instead, the only time away from daily tasks is the duration of the class.

Because your employees aren’t traveling, they can use the training immediately as well. There’s no time spent coming back to the office, perhaps with a weekend in between, before they can start using the new skills. As a result, they’ll remember more, and it will be more relevant to daily tasks.

Finally, you can use online training to engage staff who are often excluded from traditional training options. For instance, those with family obligations, disabilities, or other hindrances to travel can still be trained in new methods and brought up-to-date with current best practices. Overall, online training is open to everyone, even those who would’ve been previously excluded due to low funding.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to choose between your employees to determine who will be selected for training. One person might feel slighted and may become disengaged at work, and you might be accused of playing favourites when you’re just trying to develop a promising employee.

The good news is that with low-cost online training, you can allow everyone to participate. There are no favourites; no choosing one person’s development over another. Everyone, regardless of location or whether they work remotely, has access.

The low cost of online training also means that everyone has access to the same experts. More staff will be involved, and that boosts engagement and productivity.

Best of all, you can tailor the training to help employees succeed no matter their training needs, as well as work collaboratively with them to ensure they’re finding the most success in their training classes, whether that be through helping them budget their time, reducing other distractions, or something else. Whether someone needs a slower pace or a faster one, more repetition or less, videos or images — all options are available to cater to your employees’ learning styles. Employees with this personalised online training will grow in their confidence, and in turn, their career as well.

There’s nothing like a dead-end job to sap someone’s engagement with their work. When employees have disengaged, their productivity plummets, and they simply go through the motions to keep their job.

To counteract this, online training can boost your staff’s confidence in their work and help them as they move toward their goals. Training courses can even be customised to match specific employee objectives.

When you develop employees, and they can grow in their careers, you improve retention and save your company time and money while improving productivity. Employees are more capable and have a clear idea of where their careers are going.

You can open up this opportunity for your employees, as well as motivate them to participate, by outlining increased compensation routes in your employee handbook for completing additional training and growing in their roles. Online training is a considerable benefit to any business!

Many employers focus on using online training to improve employee performance and move careers forward. Those are both essential, but they are only part of the story.

For example, you can use online training for any required continuing education, depending on your industry. Many insurance companies, for instance, use online credits toward licence renewals. You can also use these training programs to onboard new employees more effectively. Online training also motivates your employees without forcing competition, which many people don’t enjoy. It helps everyone feel like they’re moving forward.

Finally, online training is easier to track than other forms of instruction. This means you can know at a glance whether everyone is up-to-date or someone is lagging behind. You can track the effectiveness of classes with performance metrics as well.

Training is a significant need in every company for a variety of reasons. Online training makes it easier to reach all of those goals.

When people are well-trained, they are more confident in executing their work. They make fewer mistakes and have better access to best practices that help things go more smoothly. This boosts employee productivity and retention.

Well-trained staffers are more likely to be creative and come up with new innovative ideas. These ideas can be incorporated into the next training modules and disseminated to the entire workforce.

Whether you want to do live classes with replays or create entirely self-paced modules, online training is the perfect answer to boosting your staff’s productivity. There’s no reason not to try it!

Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger. Since finishing college he is trying his hand at being a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics but leadership and digital marketing topics are his favourite. When he isn’t writing you can find him traveling, hiking, or gaming.

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