Why I changed The Prices On My Online Courses.

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Today I launched my latest online course, How To Create And Achieve Your Goals, and I am really excited about this course because it brings together two components that are very important; Productivity and developing a successful life. Without goals, you will achieve neither.

But there is another reason I am excited. The launch of this course has also seen my new pricing structure put in place.

There are two reasons why I have changed my pricing structure. The first, and the most important, is because I want to help as many people as I possibly can to achieve a productive and successful life. Having high prices does not achieve that. I want to make my courses as affordable as possible and so I have reduced all my ninety minute or less courses to $20.00 — that’s the lowest price Udemy will allow me to charge. For courses over ninety minutes, because of the time and effort involved in making those courses I do need to charge a little more, so any course I make that is over ninety minutes will be priced at $40.00.

The second reason is because Udemy discounts all courses and I never know when they are going to do it. I understand why Udemy does this and I like the idea. It helps with sales and it allows my courses to be seen by people outside my own network and channels. However, it is also a little unfair on my students who may have paid full price only to discover that a few days later the course has been discounted to $10.00 (a favourite price for Udemy discounts!)

So, the final prices of my courses are as follows:

Supercharge Your Productivity — $20.00

Supercharge Your Email Productivity — $20.00

The Complete Guide to Creating a Successful Life — $40.00

How To Create And Achieve Your Goals — $20.00

[You can click on the links above to enrol in these courses]

I will not be able to stop the $10.00 discounts that Udemy does from time to time. But at least if you do buy the courses at the prices above, the difference will not be too great.

For all my students enrolled in my course I want to thank you for buying my courses, and for those of you who have been thinking about it, now’s as good a time as any 😃

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